Wisdom Agency - Strategic Marketing Agency


To employees: Wisdom is an agency of everyone. We let all members know what they contribute by their results of work reviewed every quarter by financial result.

To customers: Wisdom commits for long term and end results of client’s business performance. We prefer to focus on long term and a small portfolio of clients who are serious and visionary.

Try harder

To employees: Wisdom ensures the work-life balance for members, yet we encourage everyone to try harder every day to step out of their own comfort zones and be a better person.

To customers: Wisdom commits to the contracts but are not bound by it alone. We are willing to go the extra miles for clients who are kind and understanding even if it spells financial losses to us in the short run.


To employees: Wisdom pays attention to progress, but prioritise the end result of work.

To customers: Wisdom is willing to commit for business KPI, not just marketing KPI if the partnership is mature and credibility is kept.

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