Wisdom Agency - Strategic Marketing Agency

Our Story

Founded in 2013 as Twist Communications then renamed to Wisdom Agency in 2017, Wisdom is built on the belief that knowledge is the core of human progression, also the core of our service. We thrive by understanding the context to formulate the right strategy to growth. Our positioning as a strategy-led agency for middle sized businesses is our belief that every business having past the primary stage can only prosper by the presence of a good strategy.

At Wisdom Agency, we place wisdom at the heart of our operations by extracting it from data analysis to build strategies then guiding all coherent sets of actions towards success. The necessity of wisdom, the science of strategy are what lays the foundation for all services Wisdom Agency is offering. With expertise in a wide array of fields, we have been able to seamlessly blend these fields with a touch of branding, data, and marketing. Additionally, we undertake projects that are designed to turning the digital atmosphere around and making it work effectively for you.

Our History


Founded as Twist Communications

2015, Merged with Phoenix Capital

to become an international agency

2017, Rebranded to Wisdom Agency

change the strategy for middle-sized businesses


Five years and growing strong

Our philosophy

We believe that Wisdom Agency can thrive by the progress of every individual working for it. Knowledge like grains of sand accumulated for a long period of time can form great mountains and every individual who tries their best can altogether achieve great results. Hence, we promote life-time learning and the spirit of continuously trying harder every day for a better good.


WISDOM aspires to heighten the standards of marketing firms in Vietnam by being a sample of authentic work with strategic focus, the commitment to end results and long-term partnership.


WISDOM assists our middle-sized clients to cope with global changes of digitalisation in marketing, branding and communication. Our services focus on accuracy of strategy and consistency of implementation to aim for success in the long run.

Core Values

We are being true to our ourselves by appreciating our staff’s effort and caring for the welfare of our clients sincerely. A large part of our innovations is inspired by the passion of our staff that is always ready to go the extra miles to foresee the end result then try harder for the best possible services.


Phoenix Capital Group mainly focuses on two areas: financial advisory and asset management. We recently added another segment that specializes in marketing and investor relations.

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