Vianco Food

7 June, 2021


Vianco realizes that the demand for spices seems to be changing every day. Not stopping at simple ingredients, housewives need to be able to mix spices and sauces to cook easier. Therefore, Vianco launched Vinaco Foods semi-complete condiment to help the woman in the kitchen.


Vianco has built a long-standing reputation, but Vianco Foods is a new product. Wisdom works closely with Vianco Foods to build a suitable brand strategy for long-term development, followed by a media campaign to announce the presence in the market.

Scope of work

Branding: Brand strategy planning, brand positioning, brand story, brand identity (Logo & Packaging).

Communication: video production, OOH billboards, PR, social media.


  • Top 2 most prominent spice brands on social media.
  • 748,942 people reach the brand through Youtube.
  • 19,393 know the brand through social networks.
  • 5,340 new website visitors.


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