The Prediction Of Top Dominant Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

10 November, 2020

Perhaps, we entered this new decade with a lot of unexpected events when concerns that arose over Covid-19 have disturbed the world’s balance. In Vietnam, the situation is temporarily stable as there is no new infected case that has been recorded since the lock-down ended. People have gradually learned how to adapt to new maturing normality and the majority of businesses have started their digitalization journey to bounce back after the crisis.

It could be said that digital transformation is one of the most promising ways during this changing situation. However, the main barrier that prevents businesses from successfully transforming is how to fit the digital aspects into their big strategy as well as how to execute this while each company model has different limitations to confront!

In this article, we will have a closer look at the 2020 digital trends and how to apply these new things to promote brand performance!

Firstly, let’s consider how digital transformation can help businesses recover after the pandemic has been suspended! 

Digital marketing is undeniably essential for almost all business models as this century is an era of connection. Strategically applied, digital advantages can be a competitive weapon that helps shorten the distance between business and customers, small companies, and the big ones, etc. And during the lock-down period, the role of digital marketing is more crucial than ever.

That is why many businesses have started integrating digital technology into their products, services to serve the growing demands which were shaped due to the offline restrictions. For example, many real estate companies developed the new technology that enables customers to experience their ‘product’ at home via virtual reality. This idea not only helped businesses maintain the connection with their prospects but also enhanced the customer experience when being stuck at home. 

Therefore, we could say that If the business can utilize the limitless possibility of the digital channel, platform, technology, and data to overcome the current challenges, it will be a first step toward the higher market position when the new normality is truly formed! 

Which kinds of businesses should revise their digital transformation strategy?

Despite the importance of going digital, for those who operate in some particular fields, such as agriculture, it is easier to say than do. Let’s think about the hospitality industry for example, how can they digitize their service? For those, which strongly rely on offline activities, they may have no choice but let it be.  

In general, a business can consider one of these approaches:

  • Distributing their products via online channels or partnerships with some digital platforms to maximize the coverage. 
  • Applying new technology like VR, AR to help their customers break from boredom… 
  • Revising and adjusting the internal process with the support of digital technology to optimize limited resources such as building CRM, or cutting down lengthy procedures.

If the business cannot be beneficial from digital marketing, let’s switch the main focus into other aspects like:

  • Building content marketing which shares great empathy to the community as well as strengthens the emotional connection with customers via storytelling and inbound techniques
  • Supporting community and use digital marketing as a channel to build brand love
  • Preparing for the instant bounce back after the hard time ends

New essential digital marketing trends that cannot be ignored in 2020

Below are 5 selected digital trends that can apply for the majority of business models and industry. Hopefully, these following suggestions can help you complete your tailored recover strategy:

Enhancing mobile customer experience

According to the new research on Google, nowadays, people spend more online time on mobile than desktop. However, in terms of effectiveness, the conversion rates of mobile are still far behind compared to those of desktop.

Therefore, Sencer Kutluğ – Head of Client Solutions & Analytics, Google also emphasized that in 2002, to stay on top of the digital trend, marketers should gradually switch their investment on mobile to strengthen the customer experience and get better results.

Voice Assistants

As more and more people use voice assistants on a regular basis, it has been predicted that voice applications will be one of the leading trends that can last for the next few years. That is why in 2020 if brands can take advantage of this trend, they will be able to attract new customers and tighten their emotional connections with customers!

Social media content

Tik Tok has driven a rising trend of short-form entertainment during the pandemic lockdown and had a great influence on the worldwide younger generation. And in this crucial time, using an interesting short-form video app like Tik Tok to engage with customers can be an optimal way to help businesses build brand love.

Martha Ivester – Head of Ads Marketing, Google – suggested that the most simple way to utilize this kind of platform is applying storytelling in video content and make it natural and easy to understand.

CRM Integration 

The multichannel approach can be a good way to maximize media coverage as well as target audiences. However, lack of data tracking and management methods, the customer data can be here and there, which may result in duplicate contacts as people are able to sign up anywhere they want. Consequently, one audience can be approached by different sales at different times but the same message, which is really irritating. 

A bad experience is among the top reasons that make customers leave the brand forever. That is why it is important to manage the relationship with your existing customer as well as prospects. By integrating CRM systems with other advertising platforms, businesses can gather information from different channels and customer-facing departments in one single place. Based on this, businesses can have a closer look at their prospect behavior and develop an appropriate approach via content and channel.

And among the best CRM provided in Vietnam, Hubspot is highly recommended due to its wide range of tools and functions. And as a certified partner of Hubspot, Wisdom Agency offers an integrated solution that helps businesses get the most data-driven strategy!

Apply advanced technology to enhance the customer experience

As people mitigate the digital world during the lockdown, instead of offline methods, businesses must find alternative ways to connect with them. Thus, some advanced technology such as VR, AR, AI chatbot can be the shortest way to unlock the new era of digital marketing.

As people evolve day by day, your strategy cannot remain unchanged. Instead, businesses should consider how to adapt to new trends and adjust their digital strategy.  And if you need some practical advice to catch up with new trends and effectively improve business performance, we are here to help! 

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