My Chef

10 November, 2020


Vianco released a new product to complete its product profile, expand its market, directly compete with and steal market share from competitors which are well known by modern consumers. To do that, Vianco needs a strong positioning strategy for its new product line – complete seasoning sauce – My Chef. 


Differentiate Mychef – Vianco’s new brand – with competitors which positioned themselves as “Quick & easy cook”. Develop the brand strategy in the short and long term and corresponding brand identity. 

Scope of work

  • Consulting and building brand strategy: brand idea, brand purpose, distinguish beliefs, brand personality, brand tagline, value statement.
  • Building a brand identity system: art direction, brand color, typography, brand pattern, product packaging and application to publications.


  • Successfully develop brand positioning “Complete sauce – Homemade delicious standard” (Gia vị hoàn chỉnh – Chuẩn ngon tự nấu) in the Vietnamese market, derived from the idea of ​​”Complete seasoning for modern women, making cooking a pleasure to enjoy”.
  • About the meaning of the My Chef logo: The My Chef logo is based on the picture of a chef with the personality of an intriguing Magician, and it is broken down from the typography to the icons
  • Icon: The chef hat is shaped like a cooking pot and features a smiling “My Chef” face (the spoon is designed to look like a smiling mouth).
  • Color: Use warm colors for My Chef to generate strong links with the spice and culinary industries. Furthermore, fiery hues showcase the brand’s youthful, active, and vivid personality.
  • Complete the Brand Guideline for My Chef brand.

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