Lotus – Gạo Nàng Sen

7 June, 2021


The mid-to-premium segment is increasingly competitive with the increasing number of premium product lines. Major brands just copycat each other. They exploit the same story, use the same marketing approach and tactics (promotion and sampling), compete on the same aspects (quality, delicious taste, ST product), making brand loyalty hard to achieve. 


Develop the brand strategy to differentiate Nang Sen from each others. Adjust its current brand identity to fit with the new positioning and brand story. 

Scope of work

  • Consulting and building brand strategy: brand idea, brand purpose, distinguish beliefs, brand personality, brand tagline, value statement.
  • Building a brand identity system: art direction, brand color, typography, brand pattern, product packaging and application to publications.


  • Successfully developing the brand tagline “Love derives from love” in the market with the purpose “Renew the image of women in the kitchen to reconsider the view of the daily cook”.
  • Complete the Brand Guideline for Lotus Rice brand.


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