10 November, 2020


There are many green brands in cleaning market. However, no one can position itself as the market leader. Most of them focus on one or some specific categories, such as hand washing, floor cleaning, dish cleaning, detergent, etc. 

Apart from claiming almost 100% natural ingredients to avoid environmental impacts, many sustainability aspects like plastic waste remain unsolved. 

AVCOchem approaches this issue by developing not only a comprehensive eco-friendly product range to cover all the daily needs, but also a 3R process (Return – Reuse – Recycle) to avoid unnecessary and single-use plastics. 


Develop a new brand name, brand strategy, and brand identity which completely deliver the brand philosophy and support the business strategy. 

The brand will focus on surface cleaning at first then expand to body wash categories in the future. 

Scope of work

  • Consulting and building brand strategy: brand idea, brand purpose, distinguish beliefs, brand personality, brand tagline, value statement.
  • Building a brand identity system: art direction, brand color, typography, brand pattern, product packaging and application to publications.


  • Successfully conveying the brand idea 360º GREEN in the market with the purpose of “Promote green living and a sustainable world by applying science. And is more strongly associated with the brand personality “Understanding, safe, sustainable, expert, trustworthy”. 
  • About the meaning of the CleaniS logo:
  • The outer sphere represents mother Earth and has a 360-degree coverage capability. 
  • The S shape, which is formed by 2 leaves, stands for green Science. By putting it at the core of the logo, we imply that Science is what connects every part of the brand to bring out the best from nature and nature. 
  • Complete the Brand Guideline for CleaniS brand.


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