7 June, 2021


Cargill’s Aquaxcel brand of shrimp feed products, owned by Cargill – America’s largest agriculture feed manufacturer. Products are frequently communicated primarily through events, training sessions, and offline consultations in Ca Mau and Bac Lieu, but their effectiveness is decreasing, since the pandemic’s impact.

Furthermore, despite the fact that it has been on the market for years, the product has not been solely promoted through digital media but is frequently bundled with other items under the brand Cargill. The company hopes to promote Aquaxcel as a significant product of innovative technology and build momentum to expand into other important shrimp farming locations.

As a result, the company wishes to launch a marketing effort to raise product recognition and competitiveness.


Implement a communication plan to raise brand awareness and associate products with the new era of intensive shrimp farming, hence increasing demand and piquing the interest of distribution agents, who play a key part in the farmer’s final purchasing decision.


17,000 Facebook fans as a result.


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