7 June, 2021


After 2 years of building the exclusive distribution channel for Corele V. in the Northern market, An Thinh officially develops a premium fashion brand aiming only for women. This high-end brand mainly focuses on producing homewear, lingeries, bikini and skivvies.


According to the product orientation that comfort and bring out the personal beauty of women, Wisdom Agency decided to build a strategy for An Thinh’s fashion brand along with the story about praising the natural beauty of each person. Hence, this helps An Thinh to create differentiation towards other competitors and emphasize the USP of product in the market.


“Burgundy” is created with a positioning statement “Redefine the beauty template” which stands out on the red burgundy theme of the logo. It helps to deliver the message in the most efficient way but still have the elegance element of a premium brand.



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