Wisdom Agency - Strategies for Mid-Sized Business


  • Maguerite


    Marguerite is a new brand in popular segments. In need of social fanpage management co-communicate with potential customers, they came to Wisdom for content creating (including design and content).

  • One Road

    One Road

    One Road Publishing (ORP) is a newly established business entity in Vietnam focusing on financial news to guide the Western investors through clutter. Of course, this is strategic partnership in which we build everything from scratch.

  • VFM


    VFM was launching new financial products called Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with the intent to make it as easy as possible to the non-investor people.

  • Xuan Hoa

    Xuan Hoa

    Xuan Hoa was going through a business transformation from state-own to joint-stock company. Besides, the new brand also needed a re-positioning to higher segment.

  • NCB


    NCB had been through a transformation via acquisition. The bank needed a new brand strategy that truly can speak for what they are also a commnications plan that follow and support trade activities at branches and internaly.

  • VIB


    The bank repositioned as friendly and innovative bank. They decided on the new concept and looked for social strategy that is suitable for younger audience.

  • Nova Land

    Nova Land

    Nova Land always looks for digital media partner with the most effectiveness to work with them on performance marketing campaign.

  • Subaru


    Product launching for the new Subaru.

  • Topcake


    Topcake is a newly launched brand in Vietnam, who focused mostly on digital platform to develop its brand and business.