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  • Maguerite


    Marguerite is a new brand in popular segments. In need of social fanpage management co-communicate with potential customers, they came to Wisdom for content creating (including design and content).

  • Malefix


    Malefix is the men’s lingerie producer with a French style and quality.

  • One Road

    One Road

    One Road Publishing (ORP) is a newly established business entity in Vietnam focusing on financial news to guide the Western investors through clutter. Of course, this is strategic partnership in which we build everything from scratch.

  • Corèle V.

    Corèle V.

    Corèle V. is the domestic lingerie producer with a French style and quality. The company inherits passion from its founder and technology from all its global partners before launching its own product line customised for Vietnamese women. The request was to communicate French quality with affordable pricing but still retain the high position of brand.

  • VFM


    VFM was launching new financial products called Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with the intent to make it as easy as possible to the non-investor people.

  • Kaylee


    Kaylee is a Vietnamese footwear supplier which has no differences comparing to their competitors.

  • NCB


    NCB had been through a transformation via acquisition. The bank needed a new brand strategy that truly can speak for what they are also a commnications plan that follow and support trade activities at branches and internaly.

  • VIB


    The bank repositioned as friendly and innovative bank. They decided on the new concept and looked for social strategy that is suitable for younger audience.

  • Pocari Sweet

    Pocari Sweet

    Situation: Pocari requires WISDOM to take responsibility for creating content…

  • Nova Land

    Nova Land

    Nova Land always looks for digital media partner with the most effectiveness to work with them on performance marketing campaign.

  • Cresent Mall

    Cresent Mall

    Crescent Mall continuously look for method to increase real traffic to stores.

  • Subaru


    Product launching for the new Subaru.

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  • VFM
  • Xuan Hoa
  • Pocari Sweat
  • VIB
  • Domino Pizza
  • One Road
  • Corèle v.
  • Crescent Mall
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Queen Pearl
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Heritage Line
  • NCB
  • Swensen’s
  • Paktor
  • Subaru
  • The Pizza Company