Wisdom Agency - Strategies for Mid-Sized Business

  • Social & industrial contribution

    Social & industrial contribution

    Bound by the UK Royal Charter of professional practice, the company is committed to highten industry standards in Vietnam and contribute back to social responsibilities.

  • Personal development

    Personal development

    We offer internal training by international standards (CIM/CMI), sponsored professional courses and career orientation for all members.

  • Great culture

    Great culture

    Our internal three Fs: Flat – Fair – Facilitating. Truly no bureaucracy when it comes to work; fair treatment and rewards for good ideas proposed.

  • Work-life balance

    Work-life balance

    Set apart of common practice, we encourage and facilitate our members to work and leave the company in time, spend quality time with families, travel the world and further develop themselves out of work.

  • Reasonable salary

    Reasonable salary

    The company is transparent about our business efficiency. Members are rewarded by what they make and no one can take it from them.

  • Convenient location

    Convenient location

    Located in the heart of district 1, near Vo Van Kiet street, convenient for morning and after commute.

Our open roles

  • Planning Intern

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